Video - Curve milling compared with dynamic routing.

Video - Curve milling compared with dynamic routing.

29. jun 2014 12:00
We have made a comparison with different processing methods to see what you can actually achieve.

For this comparison, we have used our TN P-Jet optimal tool for dynamic routing

TN P-jet is incredibly stable for dynamic routing.

Designed for use in all types of material, but has very good properties of hardened and stainless steel. As well as other hard plastics, and titanium.

Type: High-speed milling cutter with double flute for better stability and more room for the chips. this
Grinding can be carried out with differentiated cutting length and chip breaker for better chip evacuation in the machine.

As you can see in the video it is clear that with the optimal bearbejdsningsmetoder with best quality tool you get a very short processing time.