TN official supplier to DM in Skills 2015

TN official supplier to DM in Skills 2015

23. jan 2015 12:00
TN vaerktoejsslibning was all the way in "DM in Skills 2015" as vocational schools Denmark championships were held at the Bella Center the first week in January.

A record number of visitors, and especially the many talented young people, witnesses of a brighter future when it comes to skilled labor. It could be seen as in the first week of January was held "DM in Skills 2015" in Bella Center, Copenhagen.

TN was represented and supplier of cutting tools in industrial engineering the condition. The tool that the machines were equipped with were specially ground aluminum tool from TN. The 6 participants chose to take advantage of optimized cutting data, resulting in: They almost verbatim "routed" through the field at a rate so that even the prime minister looked past .. And of course, they ended up being qualified. Congratulations from TN!

For DM in Skills 2015, there was also considerable activity in the stands, which did not compete. Here you could try their hand at the various crafts, and there was a lot of interest from students who testify that really craft not forgotten. In reality, there are a lot of emerging talent around at the Danish Technical Schools.

According to Danish Industry, the events as "DM in Skills" an important factor in the process of providing vocational training image a boost.

TN is proud to be involved in raising development and also to be part of this event. Furthermore, TN an expectation that students will be better and more professional equipped to anticipate future demands, competence and of course competition..  

Based on the three day event which we are grateful to be with, and the future looks bright.

Torben Nielsen