TN - Part of Defibrillator network

TN - Part of Defibrillator network

20. dec 2020 12:00
At TN, we take the health of the individual employee seriously and have a defibrillator set up.

Every year, 3,500 people fall over with a cardiac arrest outside a hospital in Denmark. These are people with children, families, boyfriends, colleagues and friends and they will leave a void.

When a person has a cardiac arrest, a fight against the clock begins. The first few minutes are vital. And many human lives can be saved if you use the minutes correctly: Call 1-1-2, start cardiopulmonary resuscitation and get a defibrillator picked up.

At a cardiac arrest, the heart usually begins to flicker because the electrical signals in the heart are running wild. As a result, the heart can no longer pump blood and oxygen around the body.

An electric shock with a defibrillator can often cause the heart to beat again. And the earlier in the process the shock is given, the greater the chance that the person will survive.

The chance of a successful heart attack decreases by about 10 percent per. minute, so the most important thing is that you do something. Without help, the person does not survive.

In addition to completing the first aid course, we have also set up a defibrillator so that we can act quickly in the event of a cardiac arrest.

We have also been registered for the Heart Starter Network, which means that those who travel in the area can quickly use it in the event that a person has had a cardiac arrest.

-We have chosen to make a difference.