TN was founded in 1987 and has been operating in three areas of business ever since: the manufacture of customised solid carbide tools, the regrinding of high strength steel (HSS) and solid-carbide tools, as well as the manufacture of TN’s own range of solid-carbide tools.

We continually strive to remain at the ‘cutting edge’ of technological developments within grinding, material and coating technologies and at present use exclusively solid carbide in micrograin qualities.

In recent years we have worked hard to provide ‘the right tool for the task at hand’ including combination tools and tools for high-speed processing of all materials currently used by the manufacturing industry.

We manufacture and stock TN’s standard product range of high-speed end mills whose design and dimensions can be customised to the meet customer’s need for the ‘right tool for the job’.

In addition to a number of manual tooling and cylindrical grinding machines, our machinery includes nine 6-axled CNC Grinding Centres regularly updated with software to meet the market requirements for cutting tools.

We provide advisory services relating to ideal chip-cutting and design.